Summary of the French Courses offered by Bonjour Institute

Which French courses does Bonjour Institute offer?

  • Beginners Level A1
  • Intermediate Level A2
  • Advanced Level B1
  • Diploma Level B2

Which Levels are covered in this Recorded Distance Learning Course?

This Recorded Distance Learning Course covers the 10 Units of the Beginners Level A1, and it is divided into 4 Parts.

Part 1 covers Units 1 to 3

Part 2 covers Units 4 and 5

Part 3 covers Units 6 and 7

Part 4 covers Units 8 to 10

How can I study the higher French levels?

Once you finish the Beginners A1 level, you can proceed to the Intermediate, Advanced and Diploma French Levels by enrolling for online live classes.

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