How to use this Distance Learning Platform

How do I learn French on this platform?

This French for Beginners Distance Learning Course [Part 1 of 4] is made up of 3 Units (1-3) which are divided into 12 classes. These classes are further divided into 72 short lessons.

We recommend viewing these classes on a desktop or laptop for the best user experience.

To begin, click on Start next to 'A sneak preview of the course' to watch A sneak preview of the course. When you are done, click on Complete and continue to Meet your Tutors. After this, click on Complete and continue to 'Meet one of our former students'.

Parlons Français!

When you are done with this Introductory section, click on Complete and continue to see what you will learn in Unit 1. After this, click on Complete and continue to access your very first lesson.

In every lesson, first read the text to find out what you will learn in that particular lesson, and then watch the video lesson till the end. Every class (group of lessons) is dedicated to a particular country to help you expand your knowledge of the world, in line with our mantra of 'nurturing global minds'.

We encourage you to give us your feedback about the lessons by leaving a comment in the comment section below each class . This will help us continually improve future lessons.

Slow down...

Re-watch the video as many times as necessary to make sure that you have mastered the concepts therein before proceeding to the next lesson. Should you need to re-watch a previous lecture, click on Previous lecture to go back one lecture. Remember the goal is to speak French, not to finish the course quickly. Once you are sure that you have grasped the concepts taught in the lesson, click on Complete and continue. Repeat this process for every lesson until you finish each Unit.

We recommend watching AT LEAST ONE CLASS A DAY. Remember that a class is made up of a group of lessons. e.g. Lessons 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 make up the first class. Likewise, Lessons 1.2.1 to 1.2.3 make up the second class.

The progress bar on your left will show your course progress as a percentage with every new lesson you complete.

Please remember that you will only be allowed to proceed to Part 2 if you will have covered at least 70% of the Part 1 curriculum.

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