Leçon 1.1.1- Greetings and saying your name

This lesson is in honor of Kenya, the home of Bonjour Institute.

Apologies that the classes seem to start and end abruptly. This is because we originally had no intention of making a Distance Learning course.

These lessons have been edited from some classes that we had with real students during the pandemic and later thought that many more people around the world would benefit from them, despite their imperfection.

Some of the students in this class had a little prior French knowledge which explains why they seem to know some things that haven't been taught in class. Kindly bear with us. It gets better as you move along..

Topics covered (See Pages 6 & 7 of the book below)

- In this lesson, you will learn French greetings, as well as how to say your name and ask someone else for their name.

- You will also learn to ask someone how they are doing and say how you are doing.

Ps. Activity 4 will be covered in Leçon 1.1.4

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