Meet your tutors

André and Pierre have a combined 50-plus years of experience in the French space, having fallen in love with the language in their teenage years.

André: I first learned French in high school and then in university alongside my business degree. I founded Bonjour Institute, a college that has taught French to about 3,000 students since 2008. I am also an accomplished French Translator and Conference Interpreter.

Pierre: I was born to teach French, and I have taught thousands of students from around the world for over 25 years. I am happy to see that my classes over the years have helped transform people's lives, as our students have gone on to use their French to further their careers and also enhance their personal lives through travel to francophone lands. Kindly allow me to transform your life too.

We started Bonjour Institute to help people to actually SPEAK French, not just learn endless grammar and pass exams. You will thus notice that our courses are CONVERSATION oriented, as we believe this makes students more confident especially when they visit a French-speaking country. Given our lighter schedules during the Coronavirus lock-down, we decided to take time to share the gift of French with those who are just starting this journey.

We are not native French speakers, which is a great thing because we understand the challenges of learning French as an English speaker. We shall therefore be very patient with you.. We wish you great joy, happiness and success as you embark on this exciting learning journey. Parlons Français!

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